Work-Life Balance for Busy Mum Assessment

by Busymumhacks

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance protects you, busy mum from burnout and increases your productivity.

Setting reasonable boundaries gives you time and energy to devote to your relationships and other personal activities.

However, busy schedules and modern technology can make it difficult for busy mum to disconnect at the end of the workday unless you intentionally develop habits that help you to be fully present at home.

Rate how much you agree with the following statements on a scale of 1 (least) to 5 (most). Then, identify small changes that will help you to reduce stress and take care of each important aspect of your life.

1. I feel like I’m neglecting my responsibilities at home or work.
(Example: Rating 2. I will set realistic goals and give myself credit for my efforts and accomplishments.)

2. I ask others for help when I need it.
(Example: Rating 4. I will assign my children household chores appropriate for their ages.)

3. My priorities are clear.
(Example: Rating 4. I will plan my day each morning and block out hours for my most urgent and important tasks.)

4. I manage workplace stress effectively.
(Example: Rating 3. I will stretch or go for a walk when I feel tense.)

5. I avoid excessive overtime.
(Example: Rating 4. I will schedule challenging tasks for the hours when I am at peak performance, so I won’t have to stay late to complete them.)

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