Quick recipe when feeling unwell

by Busymumhacks

When you are unwell, eating is probably the last thing that you have in mind.  However, it is important to nourish your sick body to recuperate. When I am sick, I like to eat a simple dish without too much of flavour or spice. My go to foods is congee or as known as rice porridge and clear chicken bone broth.   

These ingredients are usually readily available in my fridge or pantry.

Congee or Rice Porridge

Cooking rice porridge in a stove can be painful. Although I have done it in the past even when I was unwell, I am glad that I now have Thermomix so I can lay down resting while it is cooking the perfect (not burn at the bottom of the pan) congee.

The original recipe for the rice porridge is in the Cookidoo.


  • 180 g long grain white rice
  • 1200 g water
  • 300 g sweet potato, peeled and cut into cubes (3 cm)*

Gadget you need      

Thermomix TM6


  1. Place rice, water and sweet potato into mixing bowl and cook 20 min/100°C/ /speed , placing simmering basket instead of measuring cup onto mixing bowl lid. Divide between 6 bowls to serve.

*I use century egg and chopped spring onion instead of sweet potato and put it back to the bowl for another 10 min.  I use salt, white pepper powder and maggie soya sauce to taste.

Clear Chicken Bone Broth

These are the ingredients and methods for clear chicken bone broth.


  • Chicken frames or chicken with bones
  • Salt
  • White pepper
  • Spring onion
  • Fried shallots

Gadget you need

  • Cooking pot deep enough for the chicken and water to submerge


  1. Rinse the bones or chicken
  2. Put the bones in the cooking pot and water
  3. Bring it to boil then throw the water
  4. Fill in the cooking pot again with water again and bring it to boil for the second time
  5. Put salt and white pepper powder
  6. Sieve the bone and serve with spring onion and fried shallot.
  7. Drink while hot

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