My Rainbow

by Busymumhacks

Hey, Busy mums,
I hope you are well and striving.

After the storms, you would be expecting to see a rainbow.
I was keeping my eyes on that prize.

The rainbow.
After those storms, I was contacted for an interview. I was reluctant to come for an interview because I was exhausted. Additionally, I also had my monthly period, so it was certainly not the best time to have a discussion. But life doesn’t stop when I have a period, so I attended the interview.

Upon receiving the job description, I called up the agent and asked if this was the right job that he wanted me to attend. I committed to following the interview and showcasing my skills.

Why did I want to change my current job? Should I be happier with my current job?

Let me list the facts of my current job:

  1. I am a fixed-term contract employee after I had to resign from my previous job because the Chief Finance Officer didn’t allow me to go for a secondment. 
  2. I understand if it was the first request, but I asked for it for the third time, and this is an excellent opportunity for my career progression and better pay.
  3. My contract was going to be completed in early December 2023. However, it was extended to the end of January 2024.
  4. The interest rate is ridiculous. I need to find extra income to make up the repayments.
  5. My son will start a new school in January 2024. There will be some adjustments and changes in the dynamics of the new year.

Given those facts, logically, I need to do something before another storm is really hitting my home front.
Be prepared! 

What have I got to lose?

1. Prepare for the interview.
How much and what should you prepare for the interview?

1.1 At the minimum, you must learn about the company’s history, culture, values and recent developments. 

1.2 Understand and analyse the Job Description to identify critical responsibilities and required skills.

1.3 Practice common interview questions such as “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” and “Why do you want to work here?”

1.4 Prepare for the behavioural questions and use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to structure your answers and highlight your accomplishments. This could be asked during the interview or the follow-up after the interview. Be honest with your answer, yet be confident to answer the questions professionally and think how it would work for both parties.

1.5 Prepare questions to ask. This demonstrates your interest and engagement.

1.6 Dress appropriately: Knowing the structure of the interview, whether it is a panel interview or the place of the consultation, you can gauge how you could dress for the occasion.

1.7 Bring a copy of your Resume. It helps you to refer back to the role if specifically asked.


2. Meditate before the interview.
I used the Insight app to calm my mind nervousness and boost my confidence during the interview. I have done it, and it works wonders.


3. Be present during the interview.

3.1 Arrive on time: 10-15 minutes early.

3.2 You prepared for the interview, so now is the time for you to shine.

3.3 Be yourself because both parties will check if the role is a good fit.

My first hack is it doesn’t matter how amazing you are; you need to take time to prepare for an interview. I don’t go for an interview often, but when I do, I aim to get the job. Imagine the time investment for both parties.

My second hack is if you can’t cut down your essentials costs/expenses, increase your income.

Thank Goodness, I landed the second interview!


The order of preparation would be in the same order as the first interview. I usually think more of what technical questions could be asked for the role.  

Then, I got the job offer!

My hack is to talk about the money when you get the job offer. It is a tasteless act. You can prepare for the negotiation, but don’t mention it yet.  

I haven’t changed the industry for the last ten years. Although I know what to expect and I have confidence in my capability, I still feel that I need to keep practising my negotiation. The salary negotiation amount. 

I got a salary increase, and I felt both good and not so good when they offered me more than I negotiated for.

Taking it from the guru, Meggie Palmer, the Founder of PepTalkHer, you need to know the WWW amount. Pull out your spreadsheet/calculator now.

  1. Wish – this is your wish salary amount.
  2. Want – this is your want salary amount.
  3. Walk – this is your walk-away salary amount.

When ready to level up your career, head to PepTalkHer to register for the 5-Day Challenge: KNOW YOUR WORTH.

If you are not ready for that, you can take a straightforward action today to download the apps to track your career successes.

Keep your spirit up.

If you are currently struggling, there is a rainbow after the storm. Be hopeful and have faith.


Keep Well, Busy Mums.

Busymumhacks x

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