Meditation helps me to set intentions for each day

Meditation helps me to be mindful, present, and positive.

by Busymumhacks
Do you meditate?

What do you know about meditation?

Have you ever done meditation?

How was your experience with meditation?

Meditation helps me to set intentions and mood for most days.

Meditation can be daunting if you have never done it previously alone. I grew up learning meditation by default due to my family upbringing as a Buddhist family.

The meditation that I learned was a long meditation for an adult yet alone for a child like me. I was also told and taught not to lose mind and self during meditation otherwise any spirit will enter my body because meditating means leaving the body behind.

As a busy mum, I find it hard to do self-care activities. I opted for an optimise yet simple activity for my well-being instead of wishing of the glamorous activity to care for myself.

I chose to meditate.

Today, I acknowledge that there is significant value in meditation. Meditation doesn’t have to be long.

Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting down only in one position.

I meditate while commuting on the bus to work or from work for 5-10 minutes. This is the perfect time for me – between the morning rush at home and the endless things to do at work.

Being present in each moment allows me to have days that are fulfilling. Conscious involvement in each thing that I do encourages positive decision making. When I meditate, it helps me to set my intentions for the day ahead.

Each morning gives me a chance to define my purpose in life. The quiet time when I wake up helps me to formulate a plan for making the most of my time.

Meditation allows me to connect to my inner beliefs. Having that connection reminds me to focus on what I truly value. I live according to what I believe is wholesome and just.

When I look within, I consider the impact that my actions have on my circle of influence. My focus is on being a positive influence for those people.

As I meditate, I realign myself with that focus and commit to living positively for the day. I show leadership at work by being present and mindful with my words, contributions, and actions. I extend a helping hand to my colleagues.

Quiet time at the end of each day also helps me to re-center myself. Reflection allows me to identify shortcomings and develop a plan of action to overcome them.

Being able to focus on my inner being in the busy schedule is helpful in allowing me to experience rewarding days.

I use insight apps or Happy Everyday book by Ajahn Brahm. Happy meditating.

Busymumhacks x

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