8 Ways for Working Mums to Unwind at The End of The Day

by Busymumhacks

As a working mum, it can be difficult to find any time for yourself. You work all day and then in the evening, it’s time to put your mum hat on and get the kids to bed – but not before you’ve made dinner, given them a bath, read them a story and all the other tasks you do as part of the bedtime routine. 

Then, when they’re finally asleep, as much as you’d like to put your feet up and watch TV, you spend your time washing up, tidying the toys away and preparing their bags and packed lunches for the following day. 

Sound familiar? 

As a single working mum, I find it really hard to make time for myself. My son sleeps with me, so doing anything after he goes to bed is difficult. I tend to try and get up earlier than him – sometimes 3am – to be productive and get stuff done. 

Being a working mum is a full-on job, but it’s important to wind down and take some time for yourself. That may sound totally unachievable, but it doesn’t have to mean you lock yourself away for hours, meditating. 

Work out when is the most feasible part of the day to grab some ‘me time’. It might mean getting up earlier than your kids or putting some time aside when everyone else is asleep, but it doesn’t have to be a long time. 

Everyone needs some me time occasionally. So, put the vacuum cleaner away – the hoovering can wait for another day – and try these quick fixes that you can easily slot into your routine to help you unwind…

1. Get outside

Getting out for some fresh air is a great way to unwind. Even just a walk around the block or the garden to collect your thoughts can really help you relax.

2. Phone a friend

Life gets so busy, we often forget about the friends we used to hang out with before kids. Having a chat with a friend can help your worries melt away. You don’t have to talk about your day if you don’t want to. Just chatting about the weather or reminiscing about that boy you both used to fancy can help you unwind. So, make some time to give that person a call. You’ll probably make their day too. 

3. Take a bath

A long, hot soak with your favourite bath oil is the perfect way to relax. If you don’t have the luxury of a bath or the time to do it justice, a hot shower can also help wash those troubles away. 

4. Dance like no one’s watching

Whether you like cheesy pop, heavy metal, or something more classical and instrumental, cranking up your favourite tune and dancing around the kitchen can help you escape the stress of it all, just for a few minutes. What’s more…you’ll be getting exercise at the same time, which is known to release endorphins and can improve your mood.

5. Cook your favourite meal

When we’re stressed or feeling down, we tend to eat. But instead
of ordering a takeaway, why not make your favourite meal from scratch? It might not sound like your idea of relaxing, especially when you’ve already cooked for the rest of the family, but taking the time to cook something delicious can really help you unwind. Plus, you get to enjoy eating it in peace!

6. Pamper yourself

When was the last time you put on a face mask or painted your nails? Why not turn your living room or bedroom into your very own salon and give yourself a pamper? If there’s someone around who can give you a massage, then that’s even better! After all, you deserve it!

7. Watch your favourite show 

Find some escapism by watching your favourite show or film. Something light-hearted and easy to watch can put a smile on your face and help you forget about your worries. 

8. Read

There’s nothing better than curling up and losing yourself in a good book to forget what’s going on in your world for a bit. Whether you like a romance, a crime thriller or an autobiography, reading is a great way to unwind.

These simple tasks don’t have to take very long. But, if you have the time, why not combine a few of them and enjoy some extended me time? The washing and cleaning can wait!

What’s your favourite way to unwind? 

Share your hack in the comment. 

Be well.

Busymumhacks x

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